The sheer originality and extraordinary condition of this lovely VW Karmann Ghia is simply wonderful. It never ceases to amaze me when little gems like this pop up, as expense has had little bearing on the care and attention lavished upon this VW throughout most of its life!








Karmann Ghia Coupe
4 Speed Manual


Rather wonderfully, as all the original supplying dealer paperwork survives, we know for sure that this Karmann Ghia was supplied to its first owner, a Mr Clarence Bowers, via Winconsin VW agent, Racine Inc, on 20th October 1975. Pleasingly, details of the two subsequent keepers is also available. Patricia Jursik who took over the reins early on in 1976, who eventually relinqushed them to Kurt Berger in 2001.

The file not only contains the above documents but the original book pack with the customer ID card, warranty voucher, guarantees and service booklet.

I found a further receipt from Ziebart for $139.88 in April 1976, one can assume this was money well spent and obviously played a signifcant role in its survival since.

Pleasingly there are both service invoices and receipts where dates and mileages were diligently recorded plus a final transfer title document from 28th August 2001 where the recorded just mileage stood at just 7,951. Today the mileage has increased marginally to just 9,852!

The condition is startingly original....from top to bottom, inside and out, it's just about as good as you ever wish to find and an absolute visual treat. Nothing has been tampered with, nor upgraded. Okay, there are a few small marks around the body, but nothing else to report. The panel fit is spot on and the doors shut with that reassuring VW "thud", all being as good as when new.

There are original undisturbed stickers galore and untouched chassis plates, and lovely to see factory fit windscreen washer assembley which takes its pressure feed direcly from the spare tyre is still in situ. Further delights remain, such as the tools & jack, even the original paper ID/spare keys tag has survived intact.

Interior-wise, again quite lovely, but oddly, although there's a small split in the vinyl dash top, it's hardly noticable but this looks perfectly in keeping, as does a similar split in the top of drivers door card....I'm being picky here, of course!

Clearly the two UK custodians have mirrored their American cousins, as this car hasn't been allowed to diminish in anyway....infact the last owner, a chap I've known for over 30 years and historically involved in Formula One, has positively doted on it.

Literally just serviced and mot'd, it ticks over a treat, and everything else works as it should. A wonderful opportunity and perhaps the best example available in the UK today.

It would be a pleasure to answer any questions you might have. However, to really appreciate this remarkable Karmann, it needs to be seen “in the flesh”, so do please call me directly on 07788 865700 to arrange a viewing.

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