A very superior and rare 1986 Aston Martin V8 EFI Saloon Auto, being one of only 59 built over just 3 years of production. Finished in one the most attractive colour combinations of Chichester Blue with fawn piped blue leather and having only covered 61,300 miles.




5.4 Litre




Aston Martin
V8 EFI Saloon - Series 5
5.4 Litre
3 Speed Automatic


Often referred to as the Series 5, it features Weber electronic fuel injection and is instantly recognisible by the absence of the bonnet power bulge. Weber fuel injection only provided a small improvement in performance and power, but did add additional refinement and tractability plus some well-needed improvement in fuel economy. That said, the injection system ECU was not itself actually cutting edge and therefore prone to problems, especially so now as the these EFI models enter their fourth decade.

To remedy this and secure this V8's future, the highly regarded Aston Martin specialist, John Watson of Chicane Classics, embarked on behalf of the owner, on an 18 month exercise to develop a completely new sequential injection system which would replace the out dated existing component without effecting the original aesthetic. The resulting fully engineered and tested system has many significant real term benefits which are as follows:

Improved fuel efficiency•Increased power output•Improved throttle response•The ability to consistently update to latest software•Improved reliability•The ability of the system to self-optimise fuelling and ignition in any atmospheric condition and loading•Vastly improved diagnostic capability due to on board live datalogging system.

I am very familiar with this V8 having been responsible for its purchase over 4 years ago and have driven countless miles before and after the injection development and certainly the improvement in the car's throttle response and driveability is dramatic; its a remarkable transformation.

With recent expenditure exceeding £16,000, including a full service and new mot, everything works as it should. With a known Aston Martin Heritage, Works Service and Specialist Dealer history, including a Works Unleaded Conversion, this V8 looks very appealing on its upgraded Ronals.

It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you might have. This Aston Martin is available to view at my Guildford showroom - please call me on 07788 865700.

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